Sheets of Sound

Sheets of Sound is a piece in both vertical time and moment form. The sound palette is made up of 64 individual moments laid out in an 8X8 grid. Each moment seamlessly loops with varying textures and timbres. The moments overlap and with careful control by the player effective transitions between moments can be achieved.

Created within UE4 and augmented reality, the player uses a mobile phone to conduct the sounds, wearing a set of headphones as a listening device. A multicoloured sheet of particles accompany each sound as a visual aid and reference point to the sound’s location.

The player starts in the same location each time and is welcome to move in any direction at any speed. There is no time limit on the piece and no boundaries as such. If the player moves outside of the grid no sound will be heard, however this can be part of the experience to include portions of silence in the piece.

Spatialization is used to great affect and a small turn of the smartphone can change the sound between left and right speakers, or mix seamlessly between two pieces of music. Alternatively spend a while absorbed fully within one sound, without movement, without time.

Matt Mono 2023