Matt Mono | EP Smith

Matt Deegan is an interactive sound artist working as Matt Mono and EP Smith. Matt Mono focuses on interactive and adaptive sound, whereas EP Smith focuses on modern electronic composition, techno, and live electronic performance.

Matt is also an educator, working as a university lecturer in the field of games design. He is currently completing his PhD in sound and music, with a focus on interactive and adaptive nonlinear time.

Matt Mono

As an interactive sound artist. Explore the following projects.

  1. Machines
  2. Quantum Window
  3. Sheets of Sound
  4. Gravitational Pull
  5. Underground
  6. Bouncing Ball
  7. Before
  8. Rock Formation & Repeat
  9. Moth & Butterfly

EP Smith

Producing modern electronic composition. Explore the following projects.

  1. Soundtrack to a Silent Film
  2. Releases
  3. Live Techno
  4. Project 52
  5. Blink Twice and TWIS
  6. Neverending Album

‘Epistrophe’ EP Smith understands electronic music. He gets it and invites the listener to understand too. His music is described as techno with an undercurrent of jazz, and his style fuses live improvisation with electronics.

He establishes delicate rhythms with pulsing beats and kicks, mixing samples with synthesised and live beats with building rhythms that evolve in waves; audial worlds with musical stories accompanying the listener as their narratives merge and we are left realising we have entered new realms, where the musical genre has evolved and now our bodies are seeking to move in a different way.

EP Smith’s music tempts listeners with glimpses of techno, jazz, house and electronica, seamlessly appearing as characters in his story and teasing us with what may be ahead. Reminiscent of the early vapourwave scene in terms of composition, yet abandoning the aesthetic and Japanese character-orientated aesthetics, EP’s creations seek to find a place in the new post-capitalist exploration of modern music, rather than challenge the production values of main-stream dance music.

The rhythmical soundscapes beckon the listener rather than confronting them with glitch and switch; and this softer, richer, more progressive exploration of digital music making is clearly inviting audiences to explore with the music as opposed to being dictated to. This electronic music is alive with ambition. It wants to take you on a journey and play; and that's what it does - with infectious curiosity and a deft fusion of samples, live beats and buckets of creativity.